Roland Micro BR Secure Digital CF card Compatibility Guidelines

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Another is often a list of tricks to help you select a suitable Files for that MICRO BR:

1. Secure Digital (SD)

2. 32MB - 1GB capacity. Whilst cards much larger than 1GB can often be formatted from the MICRO BR, they're not formally compatible and can bring about other challenges. Only use 1GB card or less.

3. Just before you utilize an CF card within the MICRO BR, make sure to initialize it while in the machine the first time. Failure to initialize would bring about the cf card becoming inoperable.

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Many times the treatment for initializing a memory right here:

The following method clears your SD memory card and reloads the manufacturing facility options.

Caution! All Personal information over the SD card the skin loses in the course of formatting. When they are not initially back up any files you would like to keep prior to continuing.

Just about every new SD (Secure Electronic) card must formatted in advance of it might be applied while using the MICRO BR. Get sure that the electrical power is off when placing in or pulling out the SD card. Conduct another methods to initialize the Files.

i. Activate the MICRO BR, and then press UTILITY.

ii. Press TR4 (INI).

iii. Press TR4 (Needless to say).

iv. Push TR4 (Of course)-the card is erased, formatted, and also a new tune is produced.

4. We've not had reports of card speed compatibility concerns. Nevertheless, it really is advised to do business with cards that happen to be 80X pace or slower--as they're the type of cf cards at first analyzed alongside the MICRO BR.

5. Low-cost or off-brand SD cf cards may not accomplish adequately use the MICRO-BR--due to being under excellent. Making use of brands that include Panasonic, SanDisk, Lexar, TOSHIBA, and Kingston is mandatory.

6. Micro Sdcard adapters are certainly not appropriate and cannot transmit correctly.

Compact Flash Cards usually are bought from most pc or electronic stores or on line. Roland isn't going to manufacture or offer these credit cards.


Roland/BOSS no longer carries these cf cards to supply directly--due into the age of your service.

If it was originally included in the item or was ordered from Roland/BOSS directly, we cannot ensure compatibility with cf cards that have a Boss brand to them. Best to utilize Sandisk 1 gb Compact Flash cards using your machine.

In case the velocity specification information seriously isn't outlined from the item info, you should contact the seller from the card you might be paying for to amass this information--even when the card contains a "BOSS" brand it may be ineffective.